About us

Named after the Dutch word for “summer”, zomer is a women’s wear brand from the Paris-based duo of designer Danial Aitouganov and stylist Imruh Asha.

zomer emphasises a deep connection to contemporary art and culture, championing kaleidoscopic colour, unexpected texture, and experimental silhouettes; balancing a sense of childlike playfulness with an avant-garde sophistication. 

The brand is represented by PR agency Lucien Pages, and showroom Dover Street Market Paris.

Artistic Direction: Danial Aitouganov and Imruh Asha

Year of creation: 2023

Philosophy and message

Our philosophy revolves around audacity, rebellious, and sophisticated, forming the basis for our wardrobe creations that honor and celebrate those who embrace audacity. We cater to individuals who express their rebellious nature through unconventional choices, infusing our designs with refinement and sophistication while engaging in a dialogue with art and culture.

Our mission is to bring positivity, humor, and joy to people’s lives. We achieve this by adopting a childlike approach to design, where we playfully experiment with materials, colors, prints, and shapes to craft elegant and expressive pieces. Our designs not only embrace individuality through a vibrant language but also merge sophistication with an avant-garde aesthetic.